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Тест по теме "Предлоги"

Prepositions (предлоги)

Fill in the missing prepositions in the following sentences


1.     I’m not very keen …classical music.

a) of            b) on                c) for

2. He lives… the sea.

a) on            b) at                 c) near

3. For the last time – will you listen …me!

a) to             b) on                 c) at

4. There are too many exceptions …the rule in English.

a) by            b) to                  c) with

5. Did you receive that letter …Kevin?

a) by            b) off                c) fromc

6. His music was inspired … Beethoven.

a) of            b) by                  c) from

7. Everyone knows that women are equal…men.

a) with        b) among           c) to

8. A lot of people were killed… the war.

a) in            b) on                  c) during

9. You’re quite right. I agree..you completely.

a) with         b) on                  c) by

10. This is something my mother bought me…my birthday.

a) to            b) for                   c) at

11. I stayed …a marvellous hotel last summer.

a) on           b) in                     c) at

12. Jim is proud … his son.

a) with        b) of                    c) in

13. Mary is interested … art.

a) in            b) with                c) –

14. Children get …well with each other.


a) in              b) on                c)    c  

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